Our home Skylark at Trichur, Kerala

My visit to Philadelphia,USA (With my cousin Dr.(Mrs.) Viji Melnick and Dr. Daniel Melnick )


One among the twenty All India Students' Engineering Congresses organized by me at Durgapur (AISEC-2014)


On the occasion of the wedding of my daughter(Sandhya) with Sabarinath (2008)


On the occasion of the wedding of my son(Dr.Vikas Narayan,Phd) with Anu.


Our family tree. From left : Mrs.Valsala Narayan, Mrs.Anu Vikas, Mrs. Sandhya(Narayan) Sabarinath, Mr.Sabarinath, Little Saanvi(alias Dia), Myself, Dr.Vikas Narayan.


My Little granddaughter, Saanvi (Princess Dia to me)

When I pose with a newly married couple (my cousin Udayakumar's son Aditya and his bride), I feel I look a bit younger. Do you agree ?

Annaprasan Ceremony (Rice Eating Ceremony)of my beloved granddaughter, Saanvi (Saanvi Sandhya Sabarinath) On March 5, 2017, at our Residence, SKYLARK (Thrissur)

Our little grand daughter, Saanvi (alias Diamol) celebrated her FIRST birthday on October1, 2017 night at Hotel Daspalla International, Hyderabad with her dear parents, dear grand parents, friends and relatives.

My little grandson, Viyaan (Viyaan Anu Vikas) with his parents, Dr. Vikas Narayan and Dr.(Mrs.) Anu Vikas at Bangalore when he were 56 days old (August 19, 2018).

Glimpses of the Annaprasan Ceremony (Rice-Eating ceremony) of our beloved grandson, Viyaan (Viyaan Anu Vikas) on December 16, 2018 at our permanent residence ("SKYLARK", Thrissur, Kerala)

First Birthday celebrations of our beloved grandson, Viyaan alias Viyaan Anu Vikas, on June 22, 2019 at Hotel Sai Vishram Banquet Hall, Bangalore.

Few Glimpses of 4th birthday celebrations of our cute grand daughter, Saanvi & second birthday of our little grandson, Viyaan (covid interference notwithstanding), 2020

The new residence (Vastsalyam) built for my daughter (Sandhya) and her family in the same colony (Santhivihar Housing Colony, Thrissur, Kerala), adjacent to SKYLARK (our permanent residence). February, 2020

Birthday presentation from my ex-girl students on my 69-th B-day (July 2020): they probably forgot my age !